The Lambsbread – Family Reggae Band For Peace


Music can often become a family affair.  When there is music in a household regularly it will be a happier place.  Children will pick up on this and want to be a part of it.  The story of our recent discovery The Lambsbread is proof that this can create great things.

It all began back in 2003 on the mystical island of Kauai, in Hawaii.  When power couple Kaya and Nadia first met, they knew they had a long life of musical happiness ahead of them.  The couple became The Lambsbread and released their first single.  Their roots Reggae style was very rare at the time in Hawaii but the positive message of love and unity was very appealing to all that heard it.  

The journey was quite an interesting one as they toured the West Coast of the United States and connected with some of the big players in the Reggae scene.  Once some of The Lambsbread’s music hit all the way on the island of Jamaica, they knew they had something truly special.  

The couple continued to work hard bouncing from the islands to the mainland in pursuit musical opportunities.  During this time they also started a family consisting of 4 well-loved children that were always exposed to the positivity and good vibes of the Reggae scene.

Lambsbread kids

As this year progressed a new band was built.  Two of the children joined The Lambsbread to truly create a family band.  Hawaii’s youngest professional reggae musicians, 16-year-old Samuel Levi is on drums with his 12-year-old brother Jacob Selassie on the keyboards.  The sound is serious roots with a message of upliftment for the people.

Things have been moving fast and a new album is in the works, scheduled for release in the Spring of 2017.  Top players from the Jamaican music scene will be involved as well as guest appearances from major international artists.

The lead single “World Peace Before 2021” shows the vibe of the new record perfectly.  The song was released Sept. 21 2016, for International World Peace Day, and became a project of love and optimism.  The mellow tone of the song allows the listener to let the thoughtful message sink deep into their mind.  The voice of 2 year old Ikaika Solomon can be heard singing along the the chorus.  This is a dream that all of us from age 2 to 99 should be striving for.  

Keep up with more of the music and the dream on The Lambsbread WEBSITE.  

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