Les Fradkin Sees The Future with ‘Reality – The Rock Opera’

Rock Opera

We know our friend Les Fradkin is all about putting as much music as possible out there but we didn’t know it was all headed to this. He has now released his opus Reality-The Rock Opera. Prepare for a full experience of the last twenty years.

Seemingly ahead of their time, Les Fradkin and wife Loretta wrote and recorded a set of songs back in 2003 that seem to predict the events we are living in today. The artist always had something to say with his songs. Now it seems his ideas and worries are all coming to fruition.

For the re-release of Reality – The Rock Opera, Les Fradkin is pulling out all the stops. The CD version contains all 15 Songs PLUS two bonus tracks. Although the songs originally saw the light in 2003, they somehow seem more relevant today than ever. As the album begins with “Overture” it is immediately apparent that this is more than just a collection of songs. 

The title track “Reality” fills up the speakers with sounds coming from every direction. Quite a full mix. The smooth vocal delivery of Les Fradkin sits on top to ease the listener’s mind. There is a sense of classic 80’s rock here. That vibe continues on “25 Women, So Little Time” with a strong beat paired with an energetic soundscape. The story is a fun one to listen to as well. 

Some experimental soundscapes are introduced in “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” to make sure we remember this is a Rock Opera. The big sound explodes from the speakers in an epic soundtrack kind of way. Music to uplift and add hope. “System Crash” has some interesting sounds to add to this. Orchestral sounds build up the atmosphere while also soothing the soul. Peaceful yet large.

The Rock Opera closes with “Together” as a true call for what we can all strive for in this world. If enough of us search for a better world, perhaps we can find it, together.

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