Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers Continue their trek on ‘How Many Roads’

Lex Grey

For a passionate artist the power for creating music continues to grow. They will continue to experiment and develop their own unique style as they continue to play. The much traveled Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers have been building their legacy and are preparing their 8th album How Many Roads in the new year. 

The band was founded years ago by Lex Grey and Vic “Mix” Deyglio who met at NYC’s legendary Power Station Studios. Songwriter and vocalist Lex Grey is a force all her own. Owner of a huge voice and an undeniable presence on stage, she has been known to captivate audiences. Meshed with the recording and engineering skills of Vic “Mix” Deyglio (who has worked with the Rolling Stones, Guns ‘n Roses, and the Spin Doctors just to name a few) has created a project that had unlimited potential. 

As the years passed and the legend of Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers grew as talented musicians were added to the project. They developed a unique Blues sound full of power and energy. The band grew a name as the late night band throughout the burgeoning Brooklyn and lower Manhattan rock, blues, and burlesque scene. Music poured out and followers grew.

On January 27th, 2023 Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers are set to release their new album How Many Roads The 11-track record continues to show the growth and imaginative power of the band. The opener “In It Together” eases us in with a mellow 70’s style sound. The vocals of Lex Grey jump out immediately with their sultry power and passion. Top notch engineering makes us feel as if we are right there in the room with the band.

Lead single “I Believe In You” from Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers

A soft and spiritual side shows up on “I Believe In You.” A bouncy and somewhat joyous feel can be felt as the song morphs through multiple Blues styles. The energy is intoxicating and welcomes all to be part of a better world.

The title track “How Many Roads” adds more instrumentation to fill out the sound. An elegant electric piano is a nice element as the pieces come together. Again the vocals and lyrics are the draw here. A story is being told that will keep audiences affixed to the track. Some real Blues comes at us on “Old Crookedy Broom” with raw yet powerful vocals standing in front of a rollicking melody and horn section to punctuate the emotion. Solid songwriting.

Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers slow it down with “Aches And Pains” showing their veteran skills while they push aside the perils of being long time players in the music scene. The passion carries them and their fans through. A nice little guitar solo lets talent shine. On “Biker Down” the band shows a more Americana side with true emotion in an ode to a friend lost in a senseless accident. An elegant tribute.

Our listen closes with “Angel,” a perfect close that allows our mind to settle back down to reality. It seems the protagonist feels that her guardian angel has left her behind. A smooth guitar picking melody carries the song forward with the vocals delivered in a more straightforward way to let the realness of the story shine. We have all been there and it is nice to see a successful artist relate. 

The eclectic overall mix of Blues power and warm Americana combines for a terrific record that is worth the listen from start to finish. Keep a lookout for How Many Roads in January and get to a live show when you can. Follow Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneer on their website HERE.

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  1. Mark E Dupre

    Lex has one of the finest voices you’ll ever hear! From sweet sultry up on top to down, dirty and gritty on the bottom and everything in between, every note masterfully controlled as Vic’s solid guitar work presents her stage! This is not an ordinary band, Lex and company will captivate your soul and leave you saying Wow!