Lightning Hunter Unleashes A Whole New Spectrum in ‘Beyond Beyond’

Lightning Hunter

At the helm of Lightning Hunter is Charles Scandura.  Born in the Bronx, NY and raised an hour north in Rockland County, Scandura is a native to New York State.  An artist that wears many hats, he is an award-winning artist, filmmaker, a passionate musician and writer.  Among his many accomplishments include inventing and selling a system for securely transporting and tracking large files over the network.

Scandura is releasing his brand-new album, entitled, Beyond BeyondThe enigmatic record is simply unforgettable detailing an intersection of orchestral elements and a blend of rock and metal. 

On “Giving All Things Credence,” some roaring guitars showcase a classic rock-based cadence.  Hollowed vocals reverberate in the track, cascading into melodious guitars, rhythmic bass and drums.  The sound really soars. 

Towards “Pale Monolith,” sizzling guitar works fill the start of this song.  The drums add a haunting backbeat to the track.  The metal-tinged vocals really take flight here.  The basslines add a pulsating beat.  Towards the 2:00 minute mark, a more stripped-down sound pervades with vocals simply accompanied by the strumming from the acoustic guitar.  A rousing electric guitar solo arises toward the end of the song.

A blend of prog rock with orchestra embellishments, this lavish arrangement is evident on “Aeolian Prism,” where some soft keys and an atmospheric vibe jumpstarts this track, on “In Atheist Fashion,” where a smattering of drums, percussions and guitars coalesce together on this metal-tinged song and on “Pleroma,” where some ambient synths create for an overall atmospheric sound filled with shimmering and melodic guitars.

Scattered throughout the recording are several 2:00 minute interludes that give a bit of listening space during small intervals in the album and makes the record less jumbled and cluttered.  On some tracks, the interlude lies right in the track with an orchestral sound in the beginning that then segues into a prog rock sound.  This mix of classic rock and orchestra makes for a unique sound.  For example, on “The Role Of the Observer” that starts out with loud beating of drums and stirring strings that add to the lush orchestral landscape.  Peels of percussions add to the lively atmosphere.  The track mixes alternative rock with orchestra embellishments.  The vocals only jump in towards the 2:30 minute mark after a long orchestral interlude.  The vocals retain a cavernous appeal, while the electric guitar spirals up in the air in a soaring fashion.  The overlapping vocals create a crescendo of effects.  The intricate guitar work interplays with drums, bass, percussions and strings on this track.  Also, towards “Akashic Echo” that contains a short orchestral beginning that then segues into the shimmering sounds of the electric guitar pealing through.  Evident are some happening rock embellishments.

Lightning Hunter’s Beyond Beyond contains a mighty cadence filled with thunderous drums, melodic guitars, and rhythmic basslines as well as stirring orchestral arrangements mixed into these compelling compositions.

With sweeping themes such as love songs with music being the muse, Beyond Beyond is an epic rock record.  Sprawling instrumentals and excellent execution make for a resonating appeal.  The instrumentals really jam well together to create a rocking sound.  These are atmospheric soundscapes that each hones a soaring and ethereal vibe.

A blend of prog rock with orchestra embellishments, Scandura has created a truly unique sound.  An artist that wears his influences on his sleeve, Lightning Hunter sounds like a mix between Tool and Silversun Pickups. 

With a giant sound that captivates, Lightning Hunter is a band to watch out for. 

Be sure you have a listen today!

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