Lilac Melt Enter The Atmosphere With Debut EP

Lilac Melt

There must be something in the water in Scotland. First we had Glasvegas, Idlewild and now Edinburgh indie/shoegaze band Lilac Melt with their debut release. A release which is sure to echo around indie clubs for quite some time.

This loud, self-titled E.P conveys heartfelt emotion throughout all 5 songs. ‘Hey Stranger’ echoes unnerving feelings with dreamy vocals conveyed in a heavenly manner. ‘Oxidise’ is the second track on the E.P and subsequently the debut single released in June 2018. ‘Oxidise’ boasts a striking rhythm section which could entice even the sternest of listeners to tap their foot.

‘Never Enough’ carries a slower, more subdued vibe which displays the versatility of the 4-piece. However, normal business is resumed with bold guitar riffs and hard-hitting drum beats cutting through on ‘Out Loud’. Lastly, ‘Sweet Surrender’ concludes and hits the sweet spot of the listener seamlessly.

Lilac Melt

Overall, Lilac Melt have produced a stand out indie record in which each member has contributed in unimpeachable fashion. As a result, it is hard to find fault with any of the tracks from this debut release. With each relatable lyric voiced by Katherine you can only feel yourself getting closer to the band which furthermore leaves you with an overwhelming itch to reach for the replay button. 2019 is looking bright for this band who will be embarking on countless shows across the U.K. If this E.P is any thing to go by, then we will all be left with a sweet taste in our mouths having found them before huge worldwide success.

Lilac Melt EP Track listing

  1. Hey Stranger
  2. Oxidise
  3. Never Enough
  4. Out Loud
  5. Sweet Surrender

You can listen to this release in full on Spotify or Apple Music. Alternatively, you can also keep up to date with the band on their official social media channels such as Facebook  Twitter and Instagram  You can also visit the bands official WEBSITE.

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