“Little Charmer” – The Technicolors’ Latest Nostalgic Track

The Technicolors Little Charmer

Creating a seance of nostalgia for a place you’ve yet to be is hard to do in a single track. However, The Technicolors’ latest track, “Little Charmer,” is doing just that with a guitar-driven indie rock that is littered with colorful lyrics, funky basslines and sun-dappled melodies.

The Technicolors have the sound of a snappy garage rock band mixed with a hint of Britpop. Their concise songwriting has a taste of lyrical flair with a melodic bite. With “Little Charmer”, their unique sound is clearly heard.

The summer ready track features a garage rock guitar riff mixed with vocals that have no other goal than to make you nostalgic. Everything about this track make you want to sing along, roll down your car windows and coast down the sunny freeway.

Band frontman, Brennan Smiley explains:

“‘Little Charmer’ is a number I wrote about feeling like the last one to the party, and the last to leave, and wondering why I was even there to begin with. We’ve all been there, in one way or another. So I wanted to celebrate that moment. It’s a picture of those who have moved on painted for those who persist, and ultimately a celebration of all the different people come and go, looking back and moving forward.”

The three-piece group formed only a few years back. Meeting through a mutual friend in Phoenix at a bar, Smiley and Sean Silverman quickly became friends over music and their dad’s unrivaled love for Led Zeppelin. At the time, Smiley was looking to switch it up from the acoustic arrangements his solo project had. After enlisting Silverman on guitar and soon after, Mike Nicollette on bass, the sound of The Technicolors began echoing through the dusty bars of Phoenix.

Metaphysical, The Technicolors upcoming album, is due July 7 via 8123.

The album is a cohesive collection of songs with an energy that is impossible to ignore.

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