Little White Things turn up the heat with ‘In the Fire’

Little White Things

When considering the qualities of indie music, perhaps one of the genre’s most unique cornerstones is the tendency to adopt and adapt characteristic elements from other genres to create an entirely new sound that seems to flirt with indefinability. Armed with an arsenal of eclectic influences, Irish/Swedish duo Little White Things is doing just that as they emerge onto the indie pop scene.

Uniting traces of suspenseful synth with the upbeat and simple chords typical to folk music, Little White Things evokes a flavor similar to artists such as Young Rising Sons and The Chain Gang of 1974 who have also experimented with similarly innovative melodies. Formed in 2014 by David Behan and Max Bergstrom after they happened to meet at a late night party, the duo later moved to London where they were signed with Chess Club Records. Since publishing their debut single “Step Back” in 2015, Little White Things has released 4 other songs including the most recent “In the Fire.”

Though the upbeat tempo found in their past songs remains steady, we begin to see a slight transition away from previously dominant folk themes as the band embraces an increasingly electric rock presence with “In the Fire.” The energy presented to the listener is instantly contagious and within the first few seconds of the song I found myself completely mesmerized, tapping my feet and swaying my body to the rhythm.

If the purpose of music is to combine story and sound in a way that transforms, touches, and takes each listener on their own emotional journey, then Little White Things has succeeded in spades. In just a short 3 minutes and 9 seconds, “In the Fire” was able to meet all of these goals in the most fun and energetic way which, when played live, will undoubtedly multiply to create a surreal and unforgettable event. With experience playing festivals in addition to their own headlining tour already under their belt, Little White Things is more than prepared to exceed expectations as they gear up to take 2019 by storm.

For those of us listening to their current 5 songs on repeat as we eagerly await new music, I suggest you get your dancing shoes ready. Little White Things is jumping feet-first into 2019 and with some fifty odd songs written and ready to record, we can expect the release of some amazing new tunes throughout the year. Already gaining notoriety in the UK, it’s not hard to assume that they will continue to amass fans and popularity across the globe with each new note they play. The distinct talent and charisma this duo exudes leaves no question as to their potential for greatness and I firmly believe that the achievements 2019 has yet to bring will be instrumental in helping them find it. Be sure to keep an eye out for potential tour dates as you follow their progressing journey because I, for one, will be first in line for a ticket when the music venue marquees finally announce Little White Things.

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