FHERNANDO Gives Us ‘All I Have’


EDM artist and producer Fhernando checks back in with his faithful with a new release, All I Have, that will remind them of why they still hangout with his tracks. Fhernando is fluent in many electronic music styles, including progressive house, ambient, chillwave, and more, and blends them all with the influences of his own Latin culture and life experience to end up with a unique and highly commercial sound that has already been heard around the world. The songs on All I Have were written in Paris, Mexico City, and Ecuador and display the compositional and production chops of a mature international artist hitting a high-water mark.

Fhernando Hits Us With A Variety of EDM Styles

What makes these tracks so listenable is Fhernando’s not-quite-Minimalist production style. No matter what style or groove territory he is working with, Fhernando resists the temptation to endlessly pile up parts and, instead, takes a less-is-more approach that keeps listener attention on melody, feel, and atmosphere. He uses space effectively and isn’t afraid to make music that is delicate and vulnerable when it’s required. This is an all-instrumental set but the tight structures and strong melodies Fhernando employs make All I Have as accessible as any vocal-oriented record out there.

The title track, “All I Have,” is funky and moody all at once and “Gemini” injects an upbeat shuffle into the proceedings that keeps things moving along well. Other highlights include “Youth,” “Some Nights,” and “Something Called Love.”

All I Have is Fhernando’s eighth recording and is easily his best work to date. He is a good fit for those seeking a less-frantic style of electronic music to enjoy during more chilled-out moments. He is a self-directed visionary who deserves a much larger audience. You should be part of it.

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Review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist. www.mikeocull.com

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