Lizzy V Brings Smiles with “Faces”

Lizzy V

Dutch singer-songwriter Lizzy V started writing music when she was ten years old; yet even now her new single “Faces” contains the same childlike joy and happiness. These feelings are contagious. 

The catchy, acoustic song follows Lizzy V falling in love with a face in a crowd. As she walks around hundreds of people, she can’t stop thinking about one face. “Faces” describes an innocent crush, and the upbeat melody pairs musical purity with the lyrics.

“Faces” by Lizzy V inspires an innocent, contagious joy

Lizzy V’s voice is happy itself, as she easily hits notes and sings with a cheery tone. The song embodies her optimistic, personality and thus expresses rare authenticity to listeners.

In “Faces” Lizzy V sings, “Well you know, I’ve seen so many faces / But you know, they were just fine / When I look at you, those faces, they go places / ‘Cause the case is your pretty face is mine.”

The singer describes an innocent moment of admiring someone from a distance. Such purity is rare in the pop genre, which has become more about people’s bodies than their souls. With her happy and carefree lyrics, Lizzy V refreshes listeners and allows them to take a breath of fresh air.

“Faces” goes on to include the line, “They taught me about stranger danger / But when I see you, that’s gone with the wind.” The artist’s innocence can’t help listeners from laughing tenderly along with her.

The acoustic love song is fresh and freeing, as it is meant to be heard with the windows down while driving on a beach road. Lizzy V inspires lighthearted feelings with her genuine love for life and music; “Faces” perfectly demonstrates the artist’s commitment to encouraging others to do the same.

Learn more about this rising star and feel more joy HERE.

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