Lend Me Your Ear Starts With ‘Ours’

Lend Me Your Ear

In their latest release, Ours, Austin-based hip-hop group Lend Me Your Ear is definitely taking the music world by storm. The pair crafts this impressive mix between psychedelics and traditional rap, pioneering their own truly unique sound. The duo also infuses honest lyrics and perfectly made beats to put their latest record at the forefront of your song queue.

Even in the beginning, you as the listener aren’t sure what you’re getting yourself into, but you know it’s interesting. From the very start Lend Me Your Ear doesn’t give you a reason to doubt them. They keep it high energy and play off each other in a way that’s not only incredible but also honest.

Lend Me Your Ear Plays With Genre

Lend Me Your Ear doesn’t subscribe to just one sound either. While the album itself takes you on a musical journey, each individual track brings something different to the table. They produce and create music with real variety. They not only rap about different issues like love and politics but they also produce their own unique style. No two tracks sound the same.

In their track “Against All Odds”, their lyrics, “If all lives matter can the black ones speak” they openly talk about really important social issues while keeping it light. Their whole premise of Ours is taking the listener on this huge, psychedelic journey and nothing is off limits.

Every song has a level of realness that can’t be duplicated which is something to be commended. They’re actively separating themselves from the mainstream while also pioneering this unique and incredible sound.

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