Elise Eriksen Shares Music Video For “Smile”

LA musician Elise Eriksen is excited to share her new single/music video “Smile.” This, and her other single “Less” will both be on her upcoming spring debut album. This new contemporary pop gem is her second single to date!

While Eriksen is originally from Norway, she moved to New York to pursue her passion of music, and is now settled in Los Angeles. Still, she finds a way to pay homage to her home country. 

This strikingly beautiful song is co-written with Sasha Sloan (Charli XCX, Camila Cabello, Katy Perry.) “Smile” highlights Eriksen’s skills as a singer and performer. “Smile” is a song about smiling through the pain, and putting up this front to hide the fact that you aren’t okay. 

Watch Elise Eriksen’s video for “Smile” shot on an iPhone 12.

“This video captures the cold but beautiful atmosphere of Norway which is special to me considering it’s my home country,” Eriksen shares. “The days we filmed, it was -15° and completely freezing but we somehow managed to get a piano onto the ice and shoot everything with an iPhone 12. Even though I thought my hands were going to fall off at one point while I was playing, seeing the finished video, and the idea that we’d all had in our head come to life, made it totally worth it. I’m super happy with how this one came out!”

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