Lochlan Shaw Offers ‘A Part Of Me Will Always Be You’

Lochlan Shaw

Artistic talent is something that should be shared with the world. So many of these skills get lost in the mix of life. That is a loss to the world. Our recent discovery Lochlan Shaw has multiple talents that he is now allowing everyone to experience. His latest EP A Part Of Me Will Always Be You is a great starting point for us to jump in.

Originally from North Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, the singer-songwriter and music composer is also a talented author and poet. Combining his artistic skills has landed Lochlan Shaw a growing fanbase. Critical acclaim has come from multiple music blogs as well as spins on such radio stations as Amazing Radio UK, Amazing Radio USA, and BBC Introducing. 

On October 31st, 2022 Lochlan Shaw released his 2nd EP A Part Of Me Will Always Be You. The 5 song record shows the growth of his artistry with powerful songwriting. The opener “Then She Moves” gets the blood pumping right away with a quick tempo of pounding drums. In contrast is Lochlan’s smooth and emotion fueled vocals. This combination makes for a truly entertaining listen.

Dive into the passion of Lochlan Shaw

The emotion combines with passion on “To See You With Another.” The pain can be heard in Lochlan Shaw as he pours out his lyrics. A strong acoustic guitar pushes the track forward. This stripped down track shows the true depth of his talent. Even without the full soundscape the energetic beauty is there. “Flower Blossom Hill” stays within this tone but hope and happiness return. As the song builds, the speed and power return. 

The EP closes with “She Decorates The Day.” It ties the album together perfectly. A mellower pace allows all the emotion to shine. Some sudden switches keep the listener in tune to wherever the song chooses to take them over its full 6 minute length. The passionate songwriter is here to stay and share his talent.

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