The Long War

2017 saw The Long War grab a lot of people’s attention after winning CBC Searchlight Music competition. Their entry “Breath in Breathe Out” wowed the judges with its captivating emotional tone and sublime vocals.


The band wanted to prove that they were no one hit wonder and went to work on their new album. This was inspired by the landscapes and environments that influenced singer/songwriter Jarrett Lee throughout his life. So the releases name Landscapes seemed a perfect choice. Together with Chad Gilmour (vocalist/guitarist), vocalist/keyboardist Jess Lee, vocalist/drummer Neil Williamson, and bassist Carson Webber they created something that would exceed fans expectations.


Starting off with the title track, this is a great introduction to those who are not aware of the music from The Long War. It brings back those wonderful vocals and emotional tone that was featured on their winning song. It also highlights the lyrical talent that is on offer. Especially with lines such as “I don’t fear truth / Lies are see-through / Why did I leave you? / When I still need you” which close the song.



The Long War has created an album that you not just hear, but feel too.


The album is built on an indie-folk foundation with a delicate soul. “Breath In Breathe Out” is a wonderful example of how their sound may be familiar but it is how it feels which makes this band stand out. There are times when they step away from these tender moments by injecting some energy. “Ghosts That Follow” highlights this different side.


If there is one reason to give this band a listen, it would be because of the vocals that are flawless during each track. Either from Jarrett Lee or when you get his interweaving duets with Jess Lee. There are many great moments when you hear these two at work, including “Lightning and Thunder”, as well as “Abigail”. Neil Williamson and Carson Webber also add some backing vocals.


Landscapes is an impressive album. If you are looking for one track to get you hooked, then listen to “Downtime”. It begins with an attention-grabbing acoustic guitar intro. The tender emotion throughout is stunning and one of those that you feel as well as hear. The delicate vocals from Jarrett Lee help to take this song to another level.


The Long War is a band to watch and we predict they will go from strength to strength.

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