Lostboycrow Releases New Single Orange Juice


“Orange Juice” is the latest, refreshing single from LA-based musician Lostboycrow. Hailing from New Mexico, the artist sought to go back to their roots for their debut album. “Orange Juice” is taken from the debut album, Santé Fe, appropriately named for the city and energies that inspired it—the endless desert, national treasures like the Puye Cliff Dwellings, American frontier lore, and the city’s vibrant art scene.

Speaking on the album, the artist states, “I was already in love with the people and energy of New Mexico, and Santa Fe is so beautiful,” he admits. “When it came time to do this record, I’d been longing to get back to my roots as a songwriter, building tunes on the acoustic guitar and being involved in every note, chord, line, lyric, and melody. I pivoted towards that. I got to go back to this place with a lot of new experiences. It became this meeting place between ‘then’ and ‘now’. That’s what the album is about. Santa Fe is a vehicle of exploring gratitude for where I am, who I am, and how I came to be Lostboycrow and ultimately do what I’m doing.”

Lostboycrow stayed in Santé Fe and worked with like-minded artists to create his debut album. On the creative process, he says, “We found a little secondhand guitar shop on our first trip into town and then ended up buying an acoustic and electric which we were able to use on pretty much every track…L.A. is a great place for music, but we wanted to get into a space outside of our natural environment together. We went to Santa Fe to discover a sound and planet to live on; that’s exactly what we did.”

He goes on to exclaim, “Art is its own reward…I say, ‘Create just to create’.”

Sante Fe’s vitality is encapsulated and reflected in “Orange Juice.” Reminiscent of the likes of HONNE, the track captures feelings of elation, longing, and vulnerability as well as trying to connect the past, present, and future. Dripping with dreamy vocals and dotted with catchy percussion, the track easily reels the listener in.

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