Lower Pink Inspires New Sound With Remix to New Single

Lower Pink

“Mother Remix” is an evocative early 80s pop track with overseas flair. Swiss Singer/songwriter Lower Pink used the single as his first collaboration with an electro-artist, but the connection seems Natural.


When “Mother” gets played, there’s a certain elevation afoot. The delicate plays on the ears, frequent pulsing aspects, and light trails of hand claps are excellent compliments to each other. DJ Jankan and Lower Pink worked together to produce the sounds, curating a match made in disco heaven.


Lower Pink Tying Genres in Harmony with DJ Jankan

The vocals are warming, intimate. They dance above the abrupt electro-vibe in a welcoming way. While this dance version of the song is enveloped by a wave of melodic eruption, it fits.


Different perspectives come together in “Mother” in a way that shows the strengths of both genres. Indie on one side and synth on the other. There’s a vocalizing moment I thoroughly enjoy skipping dutifully along the track. It’s a repetition of “Only a lover” being mixed into separate, jumpy syllables. Risky, but great.


Nostalgia Fitting into a Masterpiece as Simply as Can Be


A single that takes multiple risks can turn out to be the most sonically cohesive. “Mother” is an example shining with clarity. To call the song “pop” feels like an underwhelming thing to do. Almost for lack of a better term can I describe the single as so. There’s so many underlying elements within the tune that are loving references to European dance/indie music.


There’s seldom a doubt of authenticity among the build, and it’s kind of incredible. Released March 23, this indie dance version of “Mother” proves to be a reputable source for the kind of music that even the most reserved of indie lover can enjoy. With so many things happening all at a good beat, it’s hard not to.

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