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There is great music to be found all over this beautiful word we live in.  Luckily with the use of the internet, we are able to scour the globe to come across sounds from every corner of it.  We would like to thank Spotify for having some of LREDS music available for Indie Band Guru to find.

The producer and pianist hails from Rome, Italy.  He has become known for his pop, rock, and sometimes alternative music that fits the mold that the slightly off of mainstream listener has been searching for.  The talent that LREDS has built up behind the soundboard is quite impressive.  He has a way of filling the full sonic space in the mix with lush sounds that smooth over the listener without any jarring notes.  It is difficult to compare LREDS to anyone else out there right now but the music is pretty enough to hit pop radio.

Prepare For The Full LRED Treatment

The latest pop track from LREDS is “You Were Like The Rain”.  It is a beautifully sung song by a female vocalist.  The electro-tinged beat hits on all the angles necessary to capture the listener’s imagination and put a wave of emotion in their mind.  This one can go from the dance floor to the bedroom headphones without skipping a beat.  

Another recent one “Sons Of Illusion” is a little darker with a male vocal creating a sultry feel.  The catchy beat moves quickly with touches of sound coming from all directions.  There is no standard verse-chorus-verse.  Instead, LREDS takes you on a journey that only he knows the direction of.

Take a listen to his music HERE

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