Rousing Flow creates instrumental greatness with “Play Music”

Rousing Flow

Rousing Flow is maybe one of the most interesting artist names that I have heard thus far, mostly because of the authenticity of the name. I mean, what a way to describe your sound through putting it right there in your name (great publicity move). Last year, Rousing Flow put out their most recent album, Play Music. 

Now, that album name is also a very well put title, due to the fact that it is precisely what is going to happen within this album. Having been released a year ago, this album is not brand new on the shelves, but it doesn’t seem to lose its power. If you’re expecting vocals in this one, you might not be gaining much, as the album is full of instrumentals, but you definitely should still take a listen to it. Daniel Blanchard is the actual name of this artist, and he is a 47-year-old father and husband straight out of Arizona.

The opening track from the album, “Intimate Heat,” is a very relaxing sound that can only really be described as “intimate.” There’s a sultry tune to it that has that psychedelic sound that is prevalent on the album.

This album features multiple tracks, one including “In Haze,” which is a bit over 7 minutes long and it’s definitely a groovy track that resembles something straight out of the 1970s. It’s somewhat psychedelic and there’s a heavier rock sound to it that pops up toward the middle of the lengthy tune. It’s very simple in nature and has very sweet-sounding aspects to it that really tie everything together nicely.

The fourth song, “As I Please,” is a bit more high in tempo than the previous few tracks, and although there are no words, you kind of make up your own lyrics in your head that stem from your mind completely racing and inventing new things while you listen to this track. This is the kind of song that really makes you imagine and create your own words along with the beat of the song.

Rousing Flow Sensual

Overall, this album is completely entrancing and never seems to lack anything that an album filled with lyrics has. There’s a different tempo to the tracks that makes every song feel like a brand new listening experience, so you’ll definitely want to check this album out.

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Go ahead and check out Play Music from Rousing Flow, available everywhere music is sold, including iTunes:
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