Machine Gun Kelly Retains Focus with “Young Man”

Machine Gun Kelly

2016 has been a busy year for Machine Gun Kelly. He has appeared in several films, including Punk’s Dead, the critically acclaimed Nerve, and The Land. Along with that, he has become a regular on the Showtime series Roadies.

Despite his rising acting career, MGK remains focused on his true passion: music. Just to remind everyone, he has dropped a new single titled “Young Man”. Featuring Chief Keef as a collaborator, the young rapper shows that a decade in the rap game has yet to slow down his grind.

Machine Gun Kelly proudly hails from the city of Cleveland, Ohio. He released his first mixtape, Unstoppable, in 2006 at the age of 16. After releasing six further mixtapes, he released his major label debut EP Half Naked & Almost Famous and his well-received debut album Lace Up in 2012. The following year, he toured and performed throughout the U.S. while also releasing another mixtape. In 2015, he released his tenth mixtape, Fuck It, and his acclaimed sophomore album General Admission.

Machine Gun Kelly and Chief Keef Team Up for a Banger

While the critics and fans await the release of MGK’s third album, “Young Man” provides a small taste of what the full project has to offer.

The song opens with ringing piano chords. They are quickly joined by a deep, vibratory bassline and a series of clicking, clacking beats. The two rappers share an equal part in delivering the choruses, yet the bulk of this song’s rhymes come from MGK. Lyrics like “Young man, young man, I don’t want to hear that no more / Bitch, I done grew up, blew up, more like OG for sure” point out that, while he’s only 26, he has earned his stripes after ten long, hard years in the rap game. Overall, this song displays attitude and confidence with a minimalist feel attached to it.

Undoubtedly, Machine Gun Kelly displays with his new single “Young Man” that he’s still committed to producing scintillating hip-hop.

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