Shellshock Lullaby – Emo Rock With An Acoustic Edge

Shellshock Lullaby

Some music just hits your ears and right away you can hear the emotion that the artist is trying to share.  These songs become the ones that listeners can relate to and hold very dear.  There was a whole genre that developed out of this.  Much of the bands have come and gone but there are still amazing musicians out there holding the torch, many of them just under the radar but deserving of the spotlight.  One such talent is our old friend Shellshock Lullaby.

The project is the artistic vision of singer/songwriter Russ Nelson from Butte, Montana.  We introduced the music of Shellshock Lullaby to our readers over three years ago. Find the writeup HERE.  The sound has been getting out there through many big shows and festival appearances as well as some radio airplay.  The band seems to still be on the upswing with momentum on its side but reaching the major markets is still a tough reach.  Russ Nelson has a personal mantra that he lives by.  “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul” -William Blake.

“This is more or less the message I want to convey to my listeners, as well as writing for myself, kind of pushing myself to be the person I’ve always dreamt I’d become”, says Nelson.  This kind of dedication is very evident in his songs.  

Shellshock Lullaby Will Continue To Push Forward


The latest offering from Shellshock Lullaby is the single “Without Serendipity”. The quick acoustic guitar tempo right from the start grabs your attention.  The melody works its way into your head as Russ Nelson pours out his soul in the lyrics.  The emotion almost overpowers you.  High profile artists like Dashboard Confessional come to mind with the way a song can make you feel.  The mix of acoustic, pop punk, and alt-rock genres builds up into a track that can be enjoyed by a fan of each one of those styles.  

We will continue to keep an eye on Shellshock Lullaby and suggest you do the same.  Start HERE.

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