Pine Grove Boys – Brother Bond Creating New Hip Hop

Pine Grove Boys

There will always be a close bond between brothers.  Even if they don’t see eye to eye sometimes growing up, they will be there for eachother.  Brothers as they get older tend to get into the same things as they learn from each other’s experiences.  The brothers of Pine Grove Boys have taken this to the next level in music.

The singer-songwriter duo of brothers hail from the Alabama Gulf Coast.  They have a real pride in their hometown and plan on putting Baldwin County, Alabama on the map with their innovative rap style.  Keemy and Ay Bias always had a passion for music and began collaborating together in 2011.  They combine talents all over the music industry.  In addition to writing and arranging, the Pine Grove Boys add producing, graphic design, and lyrical skills to the mix.  They use all this to put forth a hip hop style that doesn’t try to conform to the same old mainstream drivel.  They seem to enjoy what they are doing and the fun transfers to their music.  

Hear The Pine Grove Boys Energy Here:



The latest track from Pine Grove Boys is “Rock Wit Me”.  The song pushes the envelope with an EDM tone mixing with the fast paced rap style.  The beats meld together to create an excitement right from the top.  When the lyrics come in, the listener is drawn into the talented flow.  The back and forth between mellow and high energy will keep you guessing where the music will go next.  It will be a fun ride though.

You can keep up with the group all over social media @pinegroveboys

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