Magic Wands Aren’t Just for Wizards

Magic Wands take you to Jupiter on new LP

Back in 1969 there was a large gathering in a small town on a dairy farm in New York. Psychedelic music played throughout the grounds and concert-goers swayed back in forth, wearing peace signs around their necks and tie dyed shirts with bellbottoms. Many people will recount this event as one of the best times of their lives. Those same people would be proud of the band that I’m about to introduce to you.

Magic Wands is brought to you from sunny California, and started making music in 2012. Being a fairly new band has not stopped them from gaining success, though, as they have already opened for The Black Keys and are on their way to SXSW this Spring. Their new LP Jupiter drops on February 26th and is sure to bring a sensory overload to your ears.

The first track on the LP, “Jupiter,” starts off with a minute and a half long drumming experience, combining it with a very cosmic sound that’ll put you in a trance before you even get to hear the echoing lyrics. You can imagine everything around you moving in slow motion as you get further into the song, and it’s almost like the music runs through you to send vibrations to your bones.

The third track on the album, enticingly called “Lazerbitch” sounds a lot like 80’s pop, but with a vocal sound that reminds me of the Veronicas. For some reason this track makes me feel like I can take on the world, or maybe like I can cruise around the streets of Los Angeles at midnight feeling the wind through my hair. I’d actually be lying if I said that I didn’t want to listen to this song immediately because of the title, which I found to be quite edgy. I mean who has the guts to use the word “bitch” in a song title? Only bad-asses, right?!

The final track on the LP, “Jupiter II”, is by far the longest track on the album, clocking in at 13 minutes and 13 seconds. Now if you’re superstitious, you might be making sure your umbrellas are closed and covering your mirrors, but you’ve gotta give this a try. You won’t get anything in the way of vocals from this track, but what you do get is nothing short of amazing. It sounds a bit eerie and mysterious, but I can say that listening to this with headphones on made everything seem to float away. It’s like you’re in your own world, and you honestly don’t even need lyrics to see just how talented Magic Wands are.

If you’re looking for music that provides a complete experience rather than just a couple minutes of silence-filling noise, you can stream Jupiter today on Soundcloud.

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