Makes My Blood Dance Shows Us The “Power of the Lightside”

Makes My Blood Dance

If you’re looking for relentless rock n’ roll thunder that doesn’t apologize for its machismo, the hard-charging grooves of Makes My Blood Dance’s “Power of the Lightside” could be exactly what you need to hear this July. Rooted in the ultra-aggressive intensity of a bygone era in rock and metal, “Power of the Lightside” at first feels like a throwback to the days of hair and overdriven harmonies, but it quickly evolves into something much more sophisticated and pleasing to the ears. Makes My Blood Dance act like they have a lot to prove in this track, but by my estimation, they’re already breaking off some of the best riffing around.

The music video feels a little more like a sample of the adrenaline that this band would bring to a live gig than it does a conventional prop-filled support piece for a new release. There’s a raw visceral energy to every corner of this track’s increasingly volatile twists, and despite the smooth production quality, none of the carnal grit ends up muffled by the varnish. This is essential to understanding how much power Makes My Blood Dance legitimately bring to the table, and from the looks of this work, it’s a lot.

As much as I dig the guitar parts here, the joint ferocity of the drums and the bassline is what makes this track as pummeling and difficult to forget as it is. Shaking us with a suffocating sonic presence that rivals anything an amplified melody ever could, the backend of this song is virtually crushing in every way that actually counts for something in rock music anymore. We don’t need to mess with the EQ on our headphones – “Power of the Lightside” is already fully-loaded and ready to rock our world by the time we’re pressing play.

You don’t have to be dressed in head to toe denim to recognize the new single from Makes My Blood Dance as being a headbanger’s delight, but for those who appreciate rock and metal magic more than most, it’s a great listen from beginning to end. “Power of the Lightside” has a fantastic rebelliousness in both its statements and the very way in which it’s been composed that I cannot wait to hear and see more of soon, and with the momentum this band is capitalizing on, I have a feeling we’re going to be getting plenty more from their camp before the year is out.

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-review by Matthew Rowe

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