Matt Finucane Paints a Musically Quirky ‘Ugly Scene’ in New EP

Matt Finucane

Primal. Innovative. Gripping. Spooky.


These are all words that have been attributed to Matt Finucane‘s music, but there are probably no better words to describe the musician than his own. He says he’s “happy to be an explorer and purveyor of the wonderfully unconventional and confrontational,” a description that makes perfect sense once you give his music a listen.


Driven by a heavy ’70s influence, Matt Finucane has spent years experimenting and cultivating his eclectic sound. His music is dripping with the decade, from his voice that sounds distinctively David Bowie-esque to the experimental Krautrock inspired instrumentals. Despite these influences, it is truly Finucane’s own sonic world, and each song is a different facet of his unique and mysterious persona.


He’s soon releasing a new EP, entitled Ugly Scene, a five-track record that’s wonderfully heavy on the experimental side.


Matt Finucane is a Champion of ’70s Art Rock


In Ugly Scene, Matt Finucane pushes the limits of a ’70s experimental rock sound, but his hopes are something greater: to create music that’s truly meaningful.


“All my heroes are safely dead, but it’s not just playing at being Music’s Bad Conscience,” Finucane explains. “I can recall when music meant something, in these days of deadly sonic perfection and pretend grit.”


The record opens with “Not Too Far,” a song that spins and spins to weave a heavy and complex sonic web.


Rooted in strong and distorted guitar, the track has a strong foundation that allows Finucane to explore the true extent of his vocal range. It reaches its peak towards the end, nearly bursting at the seams as the vocals evolve into somehow-fitting grunts and yelps.

Finucane pulls it back with “The Wrong Side.” It’s a song with a slower groove, highlighting the smooth quality of Finucane’s voice.


You might consider it one of the more conventional offerings of the record, at least until the last minute. Things suddenly start to pull apart here, with the shaking quality in the guitar. After a moment of tension and confusion, the song fades away to its end, with each line operating more independently. This adds a lot of interest, creating a bit of foreshadowing for the dark and intense track that follows.

Definitely the most experimental of the bunch, “Ugly Man” sounds like it can barely hold itself together, though Matt Finucane is in absolute control.


Vocals are deep and instrumentals are distorted at a new level, creating a gritty and passionate sound that channels all of Finucane’s feelings. Suddenly, the song mellows, offering a potential resolution, but this mood is over as quickly as it came. The heavy guitar riff sneaks back in, and Finucane’s voice reaches its height of intensity as it pushes to the end.


It might not be traditionally easy to listen to, but its complexity is rewarding. These aren’t songs that are intended for casual, easy listening; it takes attention and demands time, but Finucane’s masterful craft of his unique sound is very much worth the effort.


Ugly Scene EP is mysterious, quirky, and experimental, offering a new and modern take on an iconic ’70s rock sound. The record is out May 11, and it is sure to pull you into Finucane’s enticingly unconventional musical world.


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