Meinherz – Breaking Shyness With Closeness Of A Band


It is a very daunting task to take the stage alone and open up your emotions to an audience of people you do not know. One way to help this stressful situation is to become part of something bigger than just yourself and join a band.  Every musician has some of this fear inside them but together as a team it often subsides.  A great example is our new find Meinherz.

The band is the brainchild of Stephan Meinherz.  The songwriter based in Berlin, Germany, has had an unwavering passion for music since he was a young child.  Throughout the years, Meinherz has been influenced by a multitude of different sources. His influences include Snoop Dog, Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, and Editors. However, Stephan always keeps his ears open to discover new inspiring artists to further his creativity.  

Always lurking in the background though was a fear of singing out in front of people.  The allure of telling stories in song form outweighed this shyness and he joined his first band in his early twenties.  Finding like musical minds developed into the band Meinherz.  Friendships grew and a togetherness and family atmosphere came about that made all the difference.  The band will be performing at various venues in the area, including St. Pauli Stadion in Hamburg.  

Recently Meinherz released their debut 5 song EP Colours to share their sound with more potential fans.  A track that jumped out to us was “Being Yourself”.  There is real emotion shared in the heartfelt vocals as the mellow folk start builds into an all out alternative rock track.  The melody is very catchy and raw energy will draw listeners to this song.  Stephan will never need to be alone again.

Keep an eye on Meinherz and hear more music HERE.

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