Sessy Brings the Feels Out with ‘April 15th’


One thing that really draws someone in is a sense of mystery. Plenty of movies have played this through very well, and that never fails to pull in the audiences attention. Same can be said for a music artist. Sessy would be described as one of those artists. Visiting Sessy’s website will not bring you much information on this artist, but listening to his music just may give you a better sense than a bio ever could.

As an artist that has “been many places and been inspired by many things, awful and great,” it is easy to see these things coming through through his EP Feeling Bad, Feeling Better. One track in particular, “April 15th” has me questioning things already. What exactly happened on April 15? What year? Why is it so important that it is implemented into a song?

Sessy Perfects His Punk Rock Sound

The song itself starts off very melodic with soothing acoustic guitar strumming filling your ears. It is very simple, yet beautiful. It spins off into a more intense sound, and as the vocals begin there’s a subtle punk sound to them. It’s a very drastic change from the start of the track, but the two different tempos seem to blend seamlessly into each other. There’s also an angsty sound in the chorus that is a perfect addition as well.

Throughout the entire track, there’s a very simple sound to the song overall that really makes it enjoyable. Not too much going on, but not so simple that it ever becomes boring. The high notes are hit quite well, and towards the end of the song, there’s an intensity in the tempo that seems to build up until it hits its peak. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable song that will really get you in your feels.

You can go on over to YouTube to check out this track and listen to more of Feeling Bad, Feeling Better on Sessy’s website.

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