Tim Stop Funding His New Album on Kickstarter

Tim Stop

Tim Stop is an independent rock soloist out of Kansas City. Throughout his career he’s typically stuck to one funding technique — the good ol’ fashioned DIY technique. There’s no denying that it’s tried and true, but this time he’d like to do things a bit differently, so he’s crowdfunding his new album, For The Birds.

Stop wants to let his fans know just how much he appreciates them and he’s found the perfect way to do it. On his Kickstarter campaign page you can see all of the various incentives he’s devised and, quite frankly, they’re great. He’s also promised that, if he reaches his goal of $25,000, he will personally deliver every single incentive.

Now that’s someone who doesn’t care just about the music, but also about his impact on all who enjoy it.

Tim Stop Diggin’ Deep

Tim Stop is an excellent songwriter, and he’s digging deep on this one.

For The Birds is a politically-inspired album comprised of some awesome pieces written over the past three years. If you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy any of his past work, then you’ll understand just how exciting this really is.

Stop has written songs in multiple different styles and has a voice that truly can get cozy in any soft rock composition. He’s performed heartwarming ballads like “Still My Baby,” matching silk-smooth vocals with acoustic guitar and light drums. And he’s also done very well on his inspiring, all-encompassing pieces, tracks like “Someday.”

Though all of his work is great, “IGY” is undoubtedly my favorite song from Stop’s most recent project ShadowBox.

You can visit Stop’s Soundcloud and enjoy countless pieces just like this one. He’s got originals, covers, and everything in between — all definitely worth a listen.

More Than Ready

Tim Stop has spent the past few years honing his skills on stages across the U.S and making industry connections that can potentially take his work to the next level. In the midst of this growth, he’s assembled the best possible work for his listeners and has even had some of these songs critiqued by legends like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.

This album is sure to be great one, and not just because of the guy’s awesome voice and not just because of his impeccable songwriting. I think that For The Birds will be an outstanding work of art most of all because of what it stands for — a better world.

An extremely talented artist who has set out to change the world through music, I think Tim Stop is well on his way. Will you help him get there?

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