Memory Bells Want you to Take Life a ‘Day at a Time’

Memory Bells

Memory Bells release their new single, “Day at a Time”.


The quartet, originally known as Watch for Horses, went along the path of an indie rock sound with this sweet tune. After adding a new member, the group proved that they are better than ever, including a more optimistic sound.


Their debut EP is set to be released later this summer. Meanwhile, the plan is to release singles leading up the the EP.



Memory Bells Want to Inspire You and Make you Feel Hopeful


“Day at a Time” is a softer, sweeter sound that is absolutely pleasant to listen to. It’s motivating sound has a happy message and tone.


The tune starts off with the lyrics “Come on, wake up, there is no need to worry” at the beginning of the chorus, proving an optimistic direction for the piece.


The song starts off inspiring and the instrumentals take a backseat once the vocals are introduced. The vocals are smooth and easy to listen to. The lead singer’s voice is beautifully warm and laid back.


Although the vocals are softer, the whole melody and vibe of the song is bright and encouraging. It’s exactly what you want to hear as a pick me up. The band is clearly wanting to go in a more positive direction and give their listeners optimistic emotions with their first single.


‘Day at a Time’ is a new era for Memory Bells


Lyrically, the song is sweet and gives off the feeling of hope. However, although the vocals are soothing and tender, the chorus is still fun and makes you want to groove to the tune. It’s a great song to put on repeat.


Their soothing song contains some surprising progressions, especially when taking a look at their previous work. The melodies are radiant and uplifting while the lyrics are perfectly complimentary to the feel-good sound.


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