Michael J Foxx and Sydney Sexton Are True ‘Champions’


The passion and determination of certain artists always shines through. Creating meaningful music consistently is not an easy task. But when an artist is willing to put in the hard work and devote their life to the art, it shines through. Our friend Michael J Foxx is one such artist. He has returned to end the year with another inspirational track in “Champion.”

The hip-hop recording artist and producer was born in Harlem, NY. With an early love for music, Michael J Foxx attended NYU to graduate with a degree in Audio Engineering and Production.  He has since resettled in Moncton, N.B., Canada. Here he has drawn supreme talent to his style, most notably Sydney Sexton. Together they have been able to release a string of solid tracks sprinkled with different genres to set themselves on a trajectory towards stardom.

The latest Foxx-Sexton collaboration in the single “Champion.” The smooth background beat is set on the attack with the spitfire verse of Foxx. Sexton comes in for the chorus to bring the track to a new sonic level. Although based in the sports world, “Champion” is an anthem for everyone. As Foxx says “Champions harbor the ability to cope with setbacks and obstacles. They also have the strong will to succeed and overcome any failures that come their way. It is their strong belief in themselves that keeps them mentally adept and resilient.”

A solid music video accompanies the song. It was filmed at Don’t Blink Boxing Gym located in Dieppe NB. Everyone is welcome to be a Champion as long as they are willing to put in the work. By now we all know that Michael J Foxx and Sydney Sexton have that will.

Continue to keep an eye and ear out for more of them.

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