Michael J Foxx Gets High With “Your Love Is My Drug”

Michael J Foxx

There are very few things in life that feel as intoxicating as love. Love can make colors more vibrant, flavors more delicious, everything feels like magic. Michael J Foxx, a hip-hop artist and producer teamed up with Sydney Sexton to delve into the high that love brings with their single “Your Love Is My Drug.”

Michael and Sydney both have separately spent years dedicating themselves to interacting with musicians across all genres and walks of life. Their time collaborating has yielded them a wide range of skills and talents to help make their music stand out among the rest. That diversity and open-mindedness made for a prime pairing for a joint single and album.

Watch the video for “Your Love Is My Drug” below

“You Love Is My Drug” is a well mastered single that utilizes clever lyrics and double entendres to give listeners the full vision Michael and Sydney had while creating this track. This single is all about the high love gives you and the love of that high. To further drive home this message the single corresponds with a video that features hazy, lucid images that visually aides in leaving you feeling that high.

“Your love is my drug. I’m addicted to you, I’m high.”

That feeling of relaxed euphoria isn’t just cleverly hidden in the lyrics or in the visuals though, it transcends through the music. The beat behind the song is laidback and easy going, fitting the theme of the track perfectly. It’ll be impossible to listen through this single without feeling completely wrapped up in the mood Michael and Sydney have created.

“Your Love Is My Drug” proves that there is something special between this combination of artists. This track is just the start of their work together, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their joint album coming soon!

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