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Mindz I

Any artist looking to get noticed must find a way to do something different and create their own unique style of music.  Blending other genres into something that is all your own can accomplish this task.  We recently discovered Mindz I who is creating something much bigger than the sum of its parts.

The Hip Hop artist hails from Trenton, the capital of New Jersey.  This urban area offers a lot of inspiration in the environment and that is what Mindz I hopes to share with everyone who will listen.  He shares issues from the past, present and future to relate to the listener.  

He first started writing songs by playing the bass guitar as a kid and jamming with family and friends. Soon he started producing and mixing songs with guitars, synthesizers, samples and cuts from movies, t.v. shows, video games, and internet videos to create the ever-evolving style.  There are elements of Rock, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Metal and even Reggae scattered throughout the music of Mindz I.  The most impressive piece though is his impressive wordflow.  He has a way with metaphors and lyrical imagery that plants ideas in your mind.  Recording his music with Holophonic Sound and Brainwave Entrainment technology, Mindz I music gives the listener a visual experience with a psychedelic theme to open your mind and paint the picture of the music within you.

The latest offering by Mindz I is the iOmega album.  The 9 track record is meant to be experienced as a whole but each song can stand on its own.  He lays it out in the “Intro” that he is out to depart from the stale sounds present in Hip Hop nowadays.  There seem to be sounds coming at you from every angle in “Godz”.  The scattered beats twist the mind as Mindz I spits lyrics that make you think.  

Mindz I Captures Your Eyes As Well As Ears

The visual aspect of his art is shared on “Pulsar Cannon”.  As the classically delivered hip hop lyrics borrow from the video game and anime lexicon the music video puts together a full experience using images from the Dragon Ball series.  Enjoy it here:



The strong sample play continues on “King Of The Jungle” as exotic beats are blended together into one strangely cohesive sonic arena.  There is a full conversation sample through “The Joker”.  Paired with a head bopping beat this one draws the listener in deep to the storytelling.  There is an almost romantic feel to the closer “Mysteries Of The Godz” with its mellow beat and minimalistic beats at times to allow space for the mind to wander.  The in and out and up and down of this one will leave you wanting more.

Take a listen ad purchase the record on iTunes HERE.

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