Minor Characters is an Up and Coming Major Player

minor characters

In order to have a successful cohesive rock band, you have to have soul. Minor Characters is no exception to this and is, in fact, an example of a genuine modern day rock and roll group. They are soulful, electric and full of heart.


Bred in Chicago, Minor Characters has been through the ringer with their career. In 2014 they released a full length record, Voir Dire. “Getting that out was such a stressful moment in all of our lives that I think the band kind of imploded and deflated because of it,” reminisced vocalist Andrew Pelletier, “We weren’t playing anymore and we decided to take a number of months off. In that interim, I did a little bit of traveling.”


After this flatline the band begun to travel two years later in 2016 which lead to an explosion of popularity. Which eventually lead to the recording and release of new album WE CAN’T BE WRONG out everywhere April 6.

According to Pelletier, “The insanity of the current government would be…I wouldn’t call it a source of inspiration, but certainly a source of disillusionment turned into inspiration. There are many things in my life that I put off, one of them being travel, especially to Asia because I’ve always wanted to go to Asia, and then also being in a relationship I put off for many, many years.”


Minor Characters two teaser tracks are a cut above their previous songs


“Nola” is an eclectic guitar heavy anthem. With soft vocals embedded in a rock intensive instrumental background, this song speaks about moving on and leaving someone you love for a new place and a new start. With an early 2000s alt rock vibe, “Nola” brings a modern twist to a classic generation of music.


“Pimps of Freedom (Whores of D.C.)” brings the grunge era to the table. With haunted angst ridden vocals and a dark guitar line, this song switches early on to a modern rock track. Beginning with what everyone loves about the ’90s anti music era and moving to what we love about a modern rock obsessed generation throughout, this track is packed with instrumental value and lyrical genius.


Minor Characters is not a minor league band to be underestimated. With a new sound and newfound wanderlust, this band has set their sights on freedom and fame.

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