Miss Freddye Gives us ‘Something To Believe In’

Miss Freddye

Pittsburgh’s Lady of the Blues’ Miss Freddye carries a torch over to
gospel, highlighting her versatile musicianship and excellent
songwriting skills with ‘Something To Believe In.’

Pittsburgh is not only primarily known for being a sports town, but for
its fantastic music scene. Miss Freddye has been declared as
Pittsburgh’s Lady Of The Blues since she began singing in church at a

Feeling influenced by church and her mother’s love of blues music, Miss
Freddye ventured into the genre in 1996, where she joined BMW (Blue
Music Works) under the direction of Big Al Leavitt.

Influenced by Koko Taylor, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Big
Mama Thornton, Bessie Smith, and “Big” Al Leavitt, Miss Freddye has a
sensibility with blues that’s more than just appreciating the music.

Now in 2021, Miss Freddye is still very much relevant in Pittsburgh’s
music scene with her latest single, Something To Believe In, a gospel
track that showcases Miss Freddye’s dynamic range in music.

The song begins with a Whitney Houstin-like intro, calling back to the
1980s when pop music was deeply entwined with gospel. Miss Freddye’s
vocals run beautifully throughout the track and verse, leading to the
chorus of her singing Something to Believe In.

It has a similar delivery of ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen, but with a
slow-paced gospel influence over it. The second verse has additional
layers of piano, where the choir takes over compellingly for the second

More people than not have a challenge trying to find a purpose in life.
With a message so valid for so many, countless people will feel inspired
and have a sense of hope from Miss Freddye’s stunning vocals.

The outro guitar solo fulfills the song to an even greater degree. At
the same time, the choir chorus ending makes it an excellent gospel
driven-track that’s worth listening to if you’re a fan of the genre.
Miss Freddye ends the song with a blues sensibility, causing many
listeners to wish they were in a venue hearing the track live.

Prior to the release of ‘Something To Believe In’, Miss Freddye formed
Blue Faze in 2002, where she ground away in the blues genre. Soon
after, Miss Freddye formed two groups Miss Freddye’s Blues Band and Miss
Freddye’s Homecookin Band.

In 2008, she won the West Virginia Blues Society for Best Blues, and in
2012, she won Blues Society Of Western PA Best Duo/Solo Act.

A few years later, she won the Iron City Rocks Awards for Best Blues
Band in 2016, 2017, and 2019. Her 2017 album Lady Of The Blues won best
album that year, and in 2018, she was nominated for two Blues Foundation

Miss Freddye is also heavily involved with charity, having made many
contributions to the Relay for Life American Cancer Society, Sean
Carney’s Blues For A Cure, Local VFWs and American Legions, Toys for
tots, homeless veterans, Band Together Pittsburgh, and Sing to Stop
domestic violence.

Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of blues with a gospel twist, Miss Freddye
is an immaculate musician you should check out, especially ‘Something To
Believe In’.

Find more from Miss Freddye on her WEBSITE.

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