Modesta Goes Retro With Debut Single “VHS”


Retro in sound and image, indie rock duo Modesta will take you back to a much earlier time.

Modesta is the new studio project of Arjun Viswanathan and Kostas Papadopoulos. Together, they have created an eclectic and well-polished sound that combines many influences, from R&B to electronic to indie rock.

With 80’s nostalgia in the forefront of media recently, it’s only expected that the fascination with the decade would influence music. What has resulted is a modern spin on the typical and easily identifiable 80s sound, mixing the old and the new in a retro-futuristic sub-genre.

Modesta is the latest to embark on this venture, and if their debut single is anything to go by, they are doing it quite well.

Modesta’s Single “VHS” is Nostalgic, Yet Still Unique

Modesta has recently released “VHS,” their debut single which comes ahead of their first EP of the same name, out January 12.

The song immediately has an 80’s flair, with its synth melodies in the introduction. The vocal lines and quality are more modern sounding, creating a dreamy atmosphere that you can find in a lot of new indie music.

With a retro-sounding instrumentation and foundation with more current vocals and lyrics, “VHS” has a captivating atmosphere and an infectious groove.

The music video for the single really takes the retro quality to the next level, as it looks like something straight out of the 80s. With a VHS visual quality and onscreen lyrics reminiscent of karaoke, this montage of various different clips really highlights the nostalgic vibe that Modesta is going for.

Hailing from Boston, Modesta has spent the last year creating music and building their own home recording studio. With careful attention to every detail, the band truly creates a product that is uniquely their own.

Modesta’s musical sound really walks the line between the retro and the contemporary. From 80s to electronic to R&B influences, their music is a truly diverse and eclectic blend.

The VHS EP is set to come out January 12. Follow Modesta on Facebook for more news and information about their debut release.

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