Monta At Odds Are At The ‘Peak Of Eternal Light’

Monta At Odds

Even after years of creating music, collaboration will always keep it fresh and provide new life. As different personalities lends their talents the influences alter to give the music a new look and sound. The music of Monta At Odds is proof of this with their recent release Peak Of Eternal Light.

The project based in Kansas City, Missouri is the brainchild of brothers Dedric and Delaney Moore. They have been making music together as Monta At Odds for twenty years now by bringing in an assortment of collaborators to fill out the band. This has helped them create a unique sound that combines art-rock with shoegaze, psychedelia, and synth pop. 

For this new record Monta At Odds brought in a slew of talent to further their sound. Names such as Krystof Nemeth (Emmaline Twist) on baritone, Matthew Heinrich (Mysterious Clouds) on drums, Kenn Jankowski (The Republic Tigers) on synth, and Lucas Behrens on guitar and synth. Acclaimed vocalists Mikal Shapiro and Teri Quinn joined in the fun as well.

The 10 track Peak Of Eternal Light  is a cosmic sonic journey stopping off in post-punk and dark synthpop galaxies. As we kick off with “Other Side Of Yesterday” a wide assortment of sounds build on top of each other to fill each corner of the mix. The vocals creep along in a dark tone to fuel the story. 

There is more of a dance music sound to “When Stars Grow Old” as the synth beat pounds away with a classic dance floor sound. The vibe turns on “Dark Tunnels” as these synth beats have a haunting feel. Exotic sounds take turns giving hte track it’s interesting twists. A quick bass beat keeps it moving fast though. “New Dimensions” combines the two with a fast paced hauntingly dancey track.

For the title track “Peak Of Eternal Light” it all comes together. Sweeping synths soar over a steady beat while a wide variety of noises make their presence known. Your speakers will be full. Some synth-rock is introduced on “Our Last Time.” The fast pace beat is coupled with a strong female vocal that attacks with energy. The drum beat attacks just as hard to give the song a real strength. 

For the closer “Slowly Gone and Gone” Monta At Odds gives us the relaxed exit we need. The slowed down beat lets the heart slow down as well. Synth horns and hushed tones create a trance like effect for the listener. A perfect finale for the record.

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