Morgan Heritage Shares The Beauty Of The World

Morgan Heritage

Music can create many blessings.  When things go right for a band they are afforded a lifestyle that few people can realize.  This is not in fame and fortune but in opportunities to explore the world and the people within it.  The band Morgan Heritage realizes this fact and hopes to share with their fans the beauty of the world they have had the chance to experience.

It all began back in 1994 in Brooklyn, New York, when 5 children of Reggae legend Denroy Morgan got together to make music as Morgan Heritage.  After their debut album Miracles success, even if it was a little more pop-influenced than intended, the group decided to move back to Jamaica to find their roots.  The ability to work locally with true Reggae producers has formed the Morgan Heritage sound that has taken the band to new heights.

The work ethic of The Royal Family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage is well known in the music industry.  They have toured all over the world and recorded 10 studio albums.  This hard work through the years has paid off, climaxing with a 2016 Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album for their record Strictly Roots.  

From listening to the band it is easy to see that they really appreciate what has been afforded to them and the gifts they have been given. Throughout their travels one thing has remained constant, music and the beauty of mother earth.  Morgan Heritage aims to share the beauty they have witnessed with their fans.  This resulted in their most recent single “Selah” and its accompanying music video.



Produced by renowned musician and producer Phillip “Winta” James (Overstand Ent), “Selah” speaks of Morgan Heritage’s appreciation and discovery of earth.  With the video, the band treated fans and music lovers alike to breathtaking visuals filmed in Milan, Italy, and worldwide footage from their travels. It was filmed by Emmy Lou Mai and edited by Maximilian Shelton.

The laid back tone of “Selah” lets the beauty shine through.  The lyrics praise the wonders of the world that the band has seen.  The strutting guitar line is very catchy drawing the listener into the song.  

“Selah” is the first song off Morgan Heritage’s upcoming album set to be released on their new self-produced label, CTBC Music Group.  It seems they will continue to share what they have discovered in this beautiful planet we call Earth.

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