Mouths of Babes Introduce Us to Simplicity in Americana Music

Mouths of Babes

Good music does not always include upbeat, energetic beats. Sometimes, all you really need is a catchy song with a peaceful vibe and some soothing vocals. “The Red Carpet” by the powerful Americana duo Mouths of Babes. Coming from their new album Brighter in the Dark, which is due out next Friday, the 27th.

The duo, comprised of Ingrid Elizabeth and Tylen Greenstein. Both hailing from some previous popular acts, they bring a blend of true Americana and blues to a modern world, typically obsessed with the top 40. Their unique and entrancing sound separates them from the typical repetition that you’d hear switching through the radio stations.

Mouths of Babes Brings Pure Bliss With New Track

This track itself perfectly soothes the soul and the eardrums, giving you some serious feels as they invade your soul with some buttery smooth vocals. As soon as it begins, you are already drawn into the peaceful sound that these two make as they blend their enchanting voices together to create one beautiful masterpiece.

The instruments in the track match very well with the vocals, and there’s a certain lightness to it all that makes you feel so at peace within yourself and within the music. The perfect song to listen to if you want to unwind and really relax. There’s a beauty to it that overall really makes it a very enjoyable listening experience.

You can check out “The Red Carpet” over on Mouths of Babes’ SoundCloud.

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