Mudlace Welcomes us To ‘Fireland’


When first launching a music career it is very difficult to get noticed. There is an incredible amount of new music being released on Spotify every single day. Just putting it out there and hoping random people will find your song and love it is a losing strategy. You need to put in the work and make connections that can share your music with others. Our new discovery Mudlace is ready to have everyone hear her music.

The songs are just starting to roll for the new artist. This project is all Mudlace. She crafts the music and writes the lyrics as well. There is obvious inspiration from the post-punk and grunge scene in the music. 

Last year saw the debut single release of “Fun but Hurts” from Mudlace. The dark alt-rock tone was set but more was on the way. Earlier this month saw the release of the EP Fireland. The 3 track record expands the musical aura surrounding Mudlace.

Enjoy ‘Fireland’ by Mudlace

The title track “Fireland” is a slow tempo rock track powered by a pounding beat. The vocals pour out in a more monotone way to let each word sink into the listener’s mind. The build of the song keeps the attention fixed to see what is coming next. Some interesting beat changes make sure of this. 

“Comedown” is a more rocking number that brings back memories of the mid 90’s grunge alt rock sound. Grinding guitars stretch out against the soaring vocals to meld into some pure rock energy. The closer “I Wanna Be Me” shows off more of a punk side. There is no hiding who she is. And Mudlace wants everyone to join in and just be themselves in a society that tries to fit everyone together into simple boxes. 

The power and passion are there. We are excited to see where Mudlace goes from here. Keep an ear out for more.

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