My Autumn Amor Speaks Out With ‘Quiet Girl’

My Autumn Amor

The early years of any artist will have a profound impact on their craft. The influences that are provided by both parents and society will lead to the development of your art. Life is a driver of art. Accept that and become the best unique you that you can. Our friends of My Autumn Amor have continued to grow in this aspect and now have more new music for us to experience.

The Los Angeles, California based project is the brainchild of songwriter Thomas Monroe. His story started at a young age when handed a microphone and told to sing along to classic Beatles songs. An assortment of musical instruments and a steady diet of influential albums continued his growth. Life through some songwriting fodder at My Autumn Amor as well. Spending 3 years as a homeless high schooler sometimes literally singing for his supper will fill the brain with stories to write about.

These struggles pushed Thomas to become a monthly contributor to the UNICEF Guardian Circle Children’s fund. He asks everyone to do the same to help deliver lifesaving food and medicine to hungry, homeless, and refugee children.

The most recent release by My Autumn Amor is the Quiet Girl EP. The 5 track record lays it on the table for the talented songwriter. Jake Plus was brought in to smooth out the production as well.

As we open with the lead track “Quiet Girl” we can sense the emotion that My Autumn Amor pours into his songs. The lyrics are delivered with purpose while a smooth soundscape fills the backdrop. The experimental sounds of “RSVP” show that there is no set (boring) pattern we are heading into. Sounds blend together in a way to keep attention. Vocals here gave me flashes of Ben Gibbard of indie rock darlings Death Cab For Cutie. 

Hear “Quiet Girl” from My Autumn Amor

The fun production style continues on “Tempest Eye.” It begins with a minimalistic melody that gives way to a full on assault of power. These style switches grab the listener as they wait to see where My Autumn Amor will take them next.

For the closer “The Out” we get back to raw emotion. The steady power of the drum beat pushes the track forward as Thomas Monroe pours out the thoughts in an entertaining way. An assortment of sounds make their way into the interesting mix. Quality songwriting and production. 

Keep up with more music and where My Autumn Amor will take us next HERE.

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