MYRNA Makes You Feel “Beautiful” With Her Upbeat Sound


Are you ready to get your feet moving and your hands clapping? Are you also ready to feel “Beautiful”? Of course you are, and Norwegian pop artist MYRNA is here to do that for you with her new track “Beautiful”. Now, you’re going to need a little bit of a back story into MYRNA to really understand.

Known as the “Neo-Soul Queen” in her hometown of Bergen in Norway according to her website, Myrna Braza delivers a very upbeat sound with pop-infused tempos and disco-esque sounds throughout. Her sophomore album Story Of I is out now and features this inspiring track made to boost your confidence and kick start your summer. Along with the track comes a very high quality, well-choreographed music video to really get you pumped up.

MYRNA walks into a seemingly abandoned building with smoking billowing by her feet, clad in high heeled boots. The song is already upbeat, even though the lyrics have not kicked in as of yet. Soon enough, a very harmonized voice kicks through, delivering a nicely pitched sound that can sure reach those high notes well. As her backup dancers run through the choreographed moves, MYRNA leads the group but seems to be dancing along to her own rhythm.

Smoke fills the room as the tempo momentarily slows down and gains a slightly sultry tune. That doesn’t last long, though, as the disco sound breaks through yet again and the high-energy dancing resumes. Definitely one of the most encouraging songs I’ve heard as of late as she repeats “baby you’re beautiful” numerous times throughout the track, really boosting your ego and making you feel like you can dance better than you actually can. (Oh just me? Okay..)

Overall, this is a really catchy high-energy tune that will lift your spirits and get you dancing along. Definitely something that you should check out if you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, or even if you just need a mid-day pick me up.

You can check out the song and video over on YouTube.

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