Nocturnal Adoration Society Has ‘All The Time In The World’

Nocturnal Adoration Society

There will always be a real connection between band members. Creating music together creates a bond that grows deep. For our latest discovery, Nocturnal Adoration Society, this bond is even deeper. Founders of the band are a happily married couple.

Both Jimmy Ryan (Blood Oranges, Wooden Leg, Hayride) and Donna Sartanowicz (of The Very) have had lifetimes of musical success. Now as Nocturnal Adoration Society they combine their multi-genre talents for original songs that speak to mature life experience grounded in hard won wisdom and a partnership that has stood the test of time. In addition to Jimmy on mandolin and vocals and Donna on bass guitar and vocals, there was some real talent brought in for their latest record All The Time In The World. Eric Royer from The Sacred Shakers plays Pedal Steel while Chris Anazalone (Juliana Hatfield, Roomful of Blues) plays Drums. Special guests such as Duke Levine, Dana Colley, and Dave Westner lent their skills on tracks as well.

Released last month by Nocturnal Adoration Society, All The Time In The World, is an 8 song collection that is here to ease your soul. The opener “Take Me As I Am” starts us off with some fine energy that brings the pep but also a laid back vibe. Jimmy Ryan’s voice leads us down that trail with a message of acceptance while he shows off what he can do with his mandolin.

‘Nah, Nah, Nah’ by Nocturnal Adoration Society

A little more country americana sounds come to light on “Nah, Nah, Nah.” The beat glides ahead while some pedal steel adds the flair. A wide assortment of sounds find their perfect place in the mix creating a fun and full Nocturnal Adoration Society sound. The title track “All The Time In The World” slows it down for a relaxing listen. Donna Sartanowicz takes over the lead vocals here. Her silky mellow voice has a way of slowing the heartbeat and lowering blood pressure. I felt myself just sinking deeply into my seat with no tensions at all.

We get a little switch up for “Right Time” with Dana Colley’s baritone sax opening up the track. It grabs attention before easing back into a steady beat country folk rocker to keep moving along. A head bopper for sure. The album closer “Sweet Lies” brings us full circle with a sped up number that combines the best of all we heard throughout the record. The blood starts pumping faster again getting us ready to return to our lives with a new found sense of happiness and pep.

Keep up with Jimmy Ryan and Nocturnal Adoration Society on his WEBSITE.

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