Nora Rothman Releases Single “Note to My Ex-Lover”

nora rothman

Nora Rothman has released her newest single, a short and sweet ode to an ex-lover.

Hailing from Hollywood nobility as the daughter of Tom Rothman (Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment) and Jessica Harper, it was inevitable that indie singer/songwriter Nora Rothman would find herself fully immersed in all things music and entertainment. At three, she laid down her first recording; at eleven, she wrote her first song; and at sixteen, she played her first professional show.

Finding a relief in music while struggling with an anxiety disorder, Rothman immersed herself in songwriting and vocal studies. In return, she has managed to channel her contemporary rawness and pop sensibility into acoustic, 70s-esque arrangements.

“Note to My Ex-Lover” is a beautiful song. In less than two minutes, Rothman is able to convey the pain that follows a breakup.

“Note to My Ex-Lover” Will Pull at Your Heartstrings

“You’re god, and everything I do is always about you,” she sings about putting a partner on a pedestal. “You know when I close my eyes, I feel you inside.” The lyrics perfectly capture how a breakup can be all-consuming, even when it’s long over. “This song is about negative spaces. The moment in time when we’re defined by what’s missing, rather than what is,”  Rothman said of the song.

With simple bass and light percussion adding depth, the subtle instruments follow a cheery ukulele; the juxtaposition of the sad song and a happy instrument does not feel uncomfortable, but soothing. “Those sentiments came out in a kind of off-the-wall, cheery way. Like a little deranged, perhaps,” she added.

What truly makes the song shine are the three-part harmonies.”I teamed up with my amazing friend Jessica Apperson to cook up some eerie harmonies, and kept everything else very simple,” Rothman explained. Without words, you can feel the longing for the ex-lover in the carefully-constructed harmonies.

Rothman’s debut self-titled EP is set for release on July 21, 2017. You can find live versions of the upcoming songs on her Soundcloud. You can also follow Rothman on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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