Unapologetic Track “Nothing To Say (Nothin’)” – TRISTN

TRISTN Nothing to Say (Nothin')

Eclectic pop-rock songstress TRISTN just dropped her new track “Nothing to Say (Nothin’) from her upcoming album, January, that is due out this summer. The witty song doubles as a conversational piece about gossip.

In “Nothing to Say (Nothin’)”, TRISTN exposes those who talk about others but are too afraid to speak face to face.

Complete with catchy hooks it is hard not to want to dance along. The beat is simple yet infectious beat is complemented with sampled chicken sounds (not even kidding on this one, what a great addition). While it feels like a 2005 pop-track, it is everything but that. The rocker edge that TRISTN possesses shines through on the track, making it unique to her individualistic sound and look.

The track showcases TRISTN’s natural knack for writing infectious hooks. Her “emo” style lyrics over a more pop-track makes it hard not to remember. Lyrics such as “you’re so annoying, your voice so far behind me,” TRISTN is making sure you know that she doesn’t care about your opinion of her.

The music video shows TRISTN with friends having nothing but a great time. Between skating and biking down the streets laughing to jamming out in the studio, it makes you wish you were there.

Every song on the upcoming album January narrates true events from her life. Tracks such as “Sky Wide Open” and “All of You” were written specifically for her fans to encourage a positive perspective. The overall vision of the upcoming record is a combination of an “emo” lyrical style mixed with a British rock instrumental sound and simple metaphors to relatable emotions and situations. January represents a new beginning: “Everyone gets a new one every year.”

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