Nykee – Bad Experiences Make Powerful Music

There is inspiration for music everywhere we look.  A good songwriter is able to take both good and bad experiences and turn them into songs that can relate to the listener.  A good example is Nykee, a recent find of Indie Band Guru


The artist, also known as Nykee Bunny Parker, grew up along the east coast of the US between Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, Maryland.  She is blessed with extraordinary gifts in creativity, whether it be poetry, songwriting, or music production.  Nykee does not limit herself to any one genre but instead takes the pieces from each that fit her mood and blend them together for something fresh.



The latest single by Nykee is “Put Em Up”.  The song is dedicated to her mother and all those who have had to deal with the perils of breast cancer. This track is designed to encourage and empower women to fight through. The proceeds of this song will go to funds for finding a cure.  The track starts with a bouncy EDM style beat that will get the blood moving.  Nykee’s pop lyrics come in to welcome all listeners with a powerful message.  The chorus takes the music to the next level with all the elements combining for something huge.  We look forward to more from Nykee and her Blk Anjel Music Production company soon.


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