Ohana Fest is the Next Family Reunion

Ohana Fest

Orange County’s Doheny State Beach is about to have the party of a lifetime. The Ohana Fest will take on the beach’s shore on September 8-10, featuring Social Distortion, Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson as the headliners.

The three-day festival’s beachy music is fitting for its location right near the water. Not only can visitors set up their camp right next to the ocean, but they can enjoy a diverse lineup that will not disappoint. The beachy sounds and relaxed atmosphere are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on crowd members’ hearts.

Just like its name suggests, the Ohana Fest is about family

Just like the name for family on “Lilo & Stitch” is “Ohana,” this music festival aims to create its own definition of a community. While visitors are able to establish their own friendships and bonds through music, part of the proceeds will go towards the San Onofre Parks Foundation and the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association.

The festival will feature other well-known names such as Jack Johnson, HAIM and The Orwells. All three artists have feel-good songs and lighthearted sounds to their music, which displays a purposeful decision to encourage joy and community within the crowd. While the audience can sing along to their favorites such as Johnson’s “Better Together” and HAIM’s “Want You Back,” the Ohana Fest will bring a plethora of musical discoveries.

This festival recognizes the importance of music in creating deep relationships, as melodies and meaningful lyrics allow people to boldly speak and find themselves. Yet enjoying such happy, low-key music allows listeners to find each other as well. Each day is an opportunity for crowd members to connect with each other through the most powerful form of heart-to-heart communication: music. The artists’ contagious positivity will make this event powerful for establishing a sense of community, since fans will find themselves smiling without even knowing it.

Hundreds of instruments will come together to build family in Dana Point, encouraging a positive, meaningful and connected world. In a world so chaotic, the Ohana Fest will be a breath of relief with its movement to create simple joy.

Buy your tickets and learn more now at http://www.theohanafest.com.

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