Blond Ambition

The NYC native, Blond Ambition was right at home at Baby’s All Right, on July 25th. The solo artist Brian Harding played a selection of tracks from his first and latest album Slow All Over, which dropped May of this year. You can check out a more in-depth look at Harding and some of Slow All Over‘s songs here. Blond Ambition opened his set with two of his more popular tracks, “Shasta” and “Speak,” which captured the crowd immediately. With its reggae roots, “Shasta” gave attendees the summer sound they were yearning for.

Blond Ambition Entices the Crowd

On a different note, “Speak” which follows Blond Ambition’s 70’s disco style, is able to stick in the mind of listeners on repeat. The melody that Harding decided for on this track is exceedingly catchy. Like “Speak” and its harmonious sound, “Stupid Boy / Girl” was one of my favorite tracks that Blond Ambition performed. Harding uses synths heavily on Slow All Over, though it’s never overbearing. This first album by Blond Ambition can best be described as easy-listening, and the experience was no different while hearing it live.

Blond Ambition


Also performing at Baby’s All Right this night were Kyle Avallone and Weeknight. Avallone opened the show with his haunting sound and smooth, deep voice. Blond Ambition followed suit, and Weeknight closed the show. Attendants were carried into a hypnotic wave by Weeknight’s music. There was quite a stirring and powerful energy attached to Avallone’s and Weeknight’s performances.

As for Blond Ambition, I’m excited to see what Harding is planning for his next album, whenever that emerges. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how he remastered his own singles of “Hurricane” and “Confused Forever” from 2016 into something new on Slow All Over. His growth as an artist and where he is in life can be heard in the different sound choices of “Hurricane 2” and “Confused 4EVR”. I would love to see him continue this reworking of previous songs in his future work.

You can check out more from Blond Ambition HERE.


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