Exclusive Premier: Olivia Cella Is ‘Missing U’ in Newest Video

Olivia Cella

Like so many artists these days, Olivia Cella got her start several years ago by posting covers on YouTube. Long since the days of cheesy music videos, Cella is making her latest debut in her music video for “Missing U.”


Olivia Cella shows us how much she’s “Missing U” (so call her back).



Besides showing us the beauty of living in California with warm beach walks and sunny days, Cella is bringing it back to your first break up. Days where life wasn’t so bad until that first experience of heartbreak where life feels like it’s crashing down, Cella captures that perfectly.


Cella takes you through her relationship in the video for “Missing U.” Alongside actor Tariq Brown, the video flashes back to the happy point in their relationship. From smiling and laughing on sidewalks to a fun day at a carnival, everything looks to be fine. However, Cella’s raw delivery in the breakup shows how true her words are.


The pop-focused track perfectly showcases Cella’s maturing vocals. From her early covers on YouTube, the full instrumentation and growth in vocal maturity show how much she’s grown and matured as a musician in only a few years.


While there isn’t a complete story as to what inspired the single yet, Cella will share that in a second single, “US2,” out this summer.


If you don’t know of Olivia Cella, now is a perfect time. The determined, curious, and self-confident singer has been working to define her style since a young age. From modeling at a young age to taking voice and acting lessons with NYC’s top coaches, Cella has been in and out of the spotlight for years. From modeling campaigns in Ralph Lauren to being a member of tween pop group PS Dolls, she’s proving herself to everyone she’s around.


Creating a name for herself via YouTube, Cella has been posing covers and music videos gaining subscribers and hundreds of views daily. Her popular covers have given her the chance to record original songs that she is eager to share with her fans.

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