Pamela Hute’s Personal New Album “Highline”

Highline Pamela Hute

Paris based singer-songwriter Pamela Hute not only writes, plays and produces her own music giving her latest album, “Highline,” a personal edge, but Hute also operates her own independent label My Dear Recordings.

The latest release from Hute, “Highline,” is a follow up to the last EP “Today”. The album was inspired by a trip to the golden state, California. For Hute, “Highline” is the most personal work she’s ever released and signals a fresh start.

“Highline” was pretty much written and composed by Hute, minus “Banshees” which was co-written by Delphine Audevard. The album was recorded, produced and mastered between Parise, New York city, and San Francisco.

California vibes are evident throughout the album. The 11-track album is full of songs that make you wish everyday was summer. Every track is in some way a happy, cheery pop songs.

Hute’s empathetic way with melodies craft “Highline” to be an amazing Indie pop record. The album has fun, melodic beats and bursting melodies that make the entire listen enjoyable. Tracks such as “All I Say” and “Summer of 75” clearly demonstrate this.

The vocals Hute delivers cool tones that mesh with the melodies on “Highline”. Hute’s strong vocals demonstrate the pure and raw talent she possesses. With perfectly rimes high notes that work well on their respective tracks and massive choruses scattered on the record, Hute shows she has nothing but greatness to deliver on “Highline”.

Closing with “Run Through the Storm”, the track demonstrates and pulls together everything Hute laid out on the record. The song also shows the strength in Hute’s vocals like no other song could in such a simple manner.

The combination of emotion, talent and brilliance Hute released with “Highline” provide a great album start to finish.

Be sure to check out “Highline” and keep up with Pamela online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.