Paul Nourigat Preaches Some ‘Complex Truths’

Paul Nourigat

When fate provides a journey and the muse hits, you must be ready. It will not always be when you expect it. Those of us with music in our hearts will be eventually led to the road of releasing that music to the world. The journey of Paul Nourigat has been a long one but now the music is flowing freely. 

The songwriter took quite the unconventional path. Paul Nourigat was born in Taiwan into a US Military family. Like most military brats, there was a lot of movement. Paul lived in 12 different homes throughout his youth including stints in Turkey and Germany. After settling in Portland, Oregon, he married, raised 3 kids, worked a career as a business consultant, and lived a full life. Music was not really a thought all those years. 

At age 60 Paul Nourigat bought his first guitar and started playing and writing songs. Fate stepped in and provided plenty of time to work on his new hobby with a worldwide pandemic. Songs began to flow. Back in June we covered his Slightly Serious album. He didn’t stop there and has new music for us in the form of an upcoming release Complex Truths.

We had a chance to preview some demos in advance of the new record. Beginning with “Natural Stupidity” we know immediately that Paul Nourigat is a true storyteller that is unafraid to tackle tough subjects. A steady Americana-tinged beat lays a mellow base. His smooth, yet raw vocal delivery lets us take in each word with feeling. Technology and automation scare him as he reminds us of Orson Welles’ scary predictions for our future that are now here. 

Sample ‘Bad Cannot Be Good’ by Paul Nourigat

Paul shows us a more Bluesy style with “Bad Cannot Be Good.” Some talented guitar work is featured here as he shares his disdain for failed leaders on both sides of the political spectrum. The lyrics hit hard as the full soundscape takes us away. 

The final demo may be a little close to home. On “These Old People” he shares his love for the knowledge to be gained from our older population. A driving groove gets the blood pumping. The classic ‘Route 66’ track comes to mind as we drive along. 

Paul Nourigat has plenty of experience to share and we are ready for more. Keep up with the new album and what comes next HERE.

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