Pepper Stevens – Continuing To Move Forward With His Music

There are many stories out there of talented artists allowing the rigors of life and adulthood to put a throttle on their creative output and even halt their music making dreams.  Life may change but there is always a way to keep moving towards your goals.  A good example is the music of Pepper Stevens.

Pepper Stevens

The singer songwriter and author grew up down South in Savannah, Georgia but currently resides in Newport News, Virginia.  Pepper Stevens had an interesting upbringing as the oldest child of five in his family and allowed himself to travel through just about every state in America soaking in the experience.  Four albums came out of these journeys but now he has learned to settle down with his most prized accomplishment, his 4-year old daughter.  

This has not slowed Pepper Stevens down though as he recently released his 5th album titled Bipolar.  The 14 track album is a full ride through the sometimes pop rock and often hard rock genres.  The opener “Gypsy Moon” sets up a mellow and relaxed tone that will not last for long.  “Wicked Angel” has a darker feel that brings influences like Nine Inch Nails and Faith No More to mind.  There is raw emotion seething through the music here.  This continues on “Beautiful Sin” as well.  The descending guitar melody will take the listener to deeper place of thought inside their own mind.  There is a more experimental and slightly psychedelic interlude through songs like “Hands Of Time” and “Diseased” allowing your mind to relax and explore itself.  The culmination of the album is the closer “More Than Anything” with its haunting vocals and almost eerie backdrop.  Pepper Stevens lets it all hang out in raw fashion for the listener to absorb.

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