Percival Elliott Wants To Be “Forever”

Percival Elliott

British indie folk-rock duo Percival Elliott recently released their newest single “Forever,” a beautiful and wistful offering from their upcoming debut album.

Percival Elliott is the project between Olly Hite and Samuel Carter-Brazier, two friends who believed they could create something meaningful. Named after Hite’s great grandfather, an inventor, the duo is often inspired by his hidden treasures and imagination.

“Forever” definitely shows this inventive spirit through the pair’s musical creativity and mastery.

Percival Elliott’s ‘Forever’ is Honest and Authentic

Percival Elliott’s debut single is downright beautiful, from its melodic lines to the incorporation of a string quartet.

Driven by heavy and prominent piano lines, the musical setting is perfect for the song’s poignant and meaningful lyrics. Hite’s vocals are smooth and ethereal as he sings about a chance meeting between two people — and the butterflies that come with it.

“Even if it’s just for a second, that feeling can last forever,” Hite explains.

Percival Elliott has crafted a signature sound, full of piano melodies and guitar riffs winding together over a string quartet. In “Forever,” the strings are lush and warm, swelling to the chorus to add momentum and energy.

The duo aspires to create music that really gets in your veins, beauty in sound that you can feel inside of you.

“We want to make the listener feel alive,” Hite says. Their lead single “Forever” does just that.

Their debut album Save Your Soul is set to come out early this year, but Percival Elliott has already found high levels of success.

With national tours and collaborations with charting artists, Percival Elliott is making a name for themselves. After garnering buzz from the Huffington Post and The Vinyl District, it’s safe to say that Save Your Soul is highly anticipated.

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